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Meeting scheduling can turn from a daily routine into a complicated time-consuming procedure unless you have got the right processes and tools in place. According to some studies most time is spent on back and forth communications with attendees and facilities management to agree on a timeslot, find a suitable room, order catering and ensure availability or required AV equipment.

Using a centralized meeting booking system that can be accessed from any location, over any connection, and on any device is key. It enables you to improve productivity of your workforce, uplift your brand perception and get feasible returns on your technology investments.

Key Challenges

  • Time-consuming procedure with lots of back-and-forth communications
  • Lack of transparency
  • Inefficient use of meeting rooms and resources
  • Negative impact on client perception
  • Scheduling errors
Key Technologies
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar
  • On-premise or cloud based solutions
  • Room schedule display
  • Availability of the rooms nearby
  • Personalized interface (corporate design)
  • Variety of mounting options

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