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Popularity of personal collaboration solutions within the conference room is driven, in large part, by widespread use of mobile devices, ever-growing workforce mobility, and supported by ever-increasing deployment of dedicated PCs, webcams and other solutions that enable virtual meetings.

According to Wainhouse studies, modern tendencies require business communications to be virtual, visual, anytime. Remote join and integration with web conferencing services have become a standard.

Key Challenges

  • Cost and support complexities
  • Quality of service (audio, video)
  • Bandwidth
  • Easy sign-in to the virtual conference
  • Connection to a projector
  • Video issues
  • Usability
  • People’s tendency to opt for audio only
  • Mixed scenarios and heterogeneous infrastructure
  • End-to-end video conferencing solutions from the market leaders
  • Telepresence solutions
  • On-premise, cloud or mixed scenarios
  • Scalable meeting servers
  • Integrated voice, video, web and content
  • Flexibility of layouts
  • Mobile meeting apps
  • Virtual meeting spaces
  • Personal, scheduled, ad-hoc meetings
  • Customized interfaced and branding


Video conferencing for small to medium businesses

Finding the best video conferencing service for your business can net you huge savings on business trips and fighting with technical and connection issues. Ability to collaborate with everyone, in real-time can have a significant positive impact on productivity of your workforce.

How it works

There are several solutions that bring video, audio, and web communication together to meet collaboration needs of the modern workplace. We work with products that provide intuitive user experience and reliable operations. Crucial is integration with other devices and platforms and ability to support mixed scenarios with external participants and mobile users.

All solutions are scalable and we will design an individual configuration that meets your business needs and budget requirements.


  • Enhanced productivity of your meetings through enablement of face-to-face meetings with remote groups and individuals
  • Reduced IT involvement thanks to the intuitive interfaces, comprehensive solution deployment guide, installation videos and interactive user guides
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Optimized bandwidth use

Telepresence solutions

Telepresence solutions is a step forward in delivering consistent lifelike collaboration experience.

How it works

Telepresence solutions enable you to connect your remote teams with the most natural and productive eye-to-eye video conferencing experience possible. These imply specially designed environments that provide visual, audio and collaboration experience, which is so real as if your participants were sitting in one room.

  • Higher engagement level and more productive meetings
  • True-to-live collaboration experience
  • Superior quality of voice, video and content sharing
  • Support of business enablement

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