Medivas accepts Ripple’s XRP & Bitcoin as a form of payment

Medivas accepts Ripple’s XRP & Bitcoin as a form of payment

For 9 years, Medivas has been developing complex solutions focusing on the digitization of conference rooms and digital signage for businesses.

The company operates throughout Europe with its team of specialist planners, programmers and engineers with well-known manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Cisco on modern media technology concepts.

Due to the increasing global adoption and all the associated benefits, Medivas now accepts the two payment methods XRP and BTC for incoming and outgoing payments.

The inertia of the German economy in terms of digitization and the causes of it are well known to us as a technology service provider. Against this background, it is important for us to send a signal, “says the management of Medivas.

When choosing our partners and their products, as well as using new technologies for our internal processes, we attach great importance to mature and future-oriented technologies, because we are the future and bear a high responsibility.

Especially for our international payment transactions, it is very important to us to find a cost-effective solution with fast transmission speed, since existing systems such as the Swift process are an impertinence for us. Due to the long processing time, funds are sometimes inaccessible for days, the business process falls, if you like, in the “sleep mode” and caused in some cases unforeseen additional costs We have numerous negative examples. Recently we had a case where it had to go fast. The payment for the goods was delayed by the bank so much that it could not be sent in time. Thus, an angry customer had to take a 1,400 km long journey to pay for the goods on arrival with cash.

We also know how immobile big companies can be when it comes to introducing new technologies, understandably. We deal with it every day and know the reasons. Nevertheless, there is no way around joining the future. From our point of view, it is only a matter of time until the comprehensive adaptation of Ripple’s XRP to banks has been completed. For this reason, we do not focus on Bitcoin, which certainly plays a major role, but in our view, in the private sector or as a store of value, “said Thomas Schwebinghaus (CEO & Founder)

Furthermore, Medivas thinks about the full integration of XRP and Bitcoin in a new online shop.

In addition, Medivas is considering granting employees their salary in XRP or BTC from 2020 onwards, with this decision being left to each employee personally.

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