Video conferences as a measure against the corona virus!

Video conferences as a measure against the corona virus!

Not only since the rapid spread of the corona virus have video conferences been a pulse in modern companies, digital media and video conference communication have become indispensable – at least that is how it should be.

The advantages of video conferencing are not only a reason in the context of an epidemic like the corona virus, which is why companies that were otherwise reluctant to digitize should now seriously consider investing in this area.

It is part of the daily business of the German business team, like coffee for breakfast, that a customer visit entails an air or car trip and often a hotel stay. Why not, a nice evening in a chic hotel and a delicious meal with customers and colleagues has never beaten off. However, this is not cost-effective or even environmentally friendly.

In the age of massive climate change and the Fridays for Future movement, everyone should now be aware that there is a definite potential for savings in all companies, both in monetary terms and in terms of the carbon footprint. And now maybe because of the rapid spread of an unexplored virus.

Medivas has been specializing in the planning and installation of video conferencing systems for 10 years. We are also constantly developing.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been able to call ourselves Cisco’s official partner of Logitech and Zoom. The latter two manufacturers complete our solutions across the board.

We get you ready – prepare your company now for digital networking with your business partners with Zoom, Cisco Webex, Logitech, Microsoft Teams and many more.

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