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We offer a full range of services starting from concept planning and solution design, and ending up with hyper care and post-implementation support.

We are proud to have experienced architects and AV-experts on board who possess deep technical expertise and can deal with complex matters. Thanks to that we can guarantee exceptional results and usability of all our solutions. Our project managers take over planning and coordination to free up your time and ensure consistent communication throughout the whole project.

Our service delivery framework includes technology and creative tracks, which means that we not only take care of the technical architecture and installation, but also offer content design and creation services, which is crucial for Digital Signage solutions.

Your 360° partner

For all your AV needs

See why our clients trust us building their complete conference facilities and performing complex DS installations.

Full service range for end-to-end solutions

We appreciate your time and strive for efficiencies to make any AV project transparent and easy manageable for you. We take care of the complete solution thus eliminating need to involve multiple parties in implementation process. In Medivas you will get everything from one pocket, which makes us a one-stop shop for any digital installations.

Technology and creative services

Any Digital Signage system is a combination of technology and visuals (content). To maximize benefits from a DS installation it is absolutely crucial to design content, which would be well perceived on a selected technology and produce desired effects. We are happy to help you to work out a concept or offer production services to realize your design ideas.

Individual products design

We are passionate about innovation and digital AV solutions that foster business transformation. Our architects often go beyond standard solutions and create individual builds. We involve steel construction experts, mechanical engineers, and construction designers as required to deliver absolutely innovative and custom-made systems that have no analogues on the market.

Advisory and consulting

Throughout several years of experience and dozens of completed we have accumulated and analyzed different cases and worked out best practices. Coupled with our sound technical and industry knowledge this enables us to provide relevant advice and help you to make a decision.

Our framework

Click on the elements of our service delivery framework to learn more about what makes Medivas your go-to AV company.

Project management

Any AV project requires consistent communication and alignment of technical solution with the business needs. Our project managers bridge business and technology and ensure that all your requirements are captured, translated into technical language, and tracked throughout the project.


Our creative services are on demand by Digital Signage installations where designing the right content for the selected technology product is key. We work out a concept, visualize end-result or deliver live prototype, which you can view in our showroom. We offer content design and production services and provide training on content management so that you can keep your system live and up-to-date.


Technology is our core competence and we are proud to have an experienced team of professionals that are passionate about AV and innovation. Apart from several years of experience our engineers possess various certifications and profound technical knowledge – all of that enables us to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that adhere to the industry standards and use best practices.

Support & maintain

To ensure stable system operations and continuous improvement we always recommend setting up a maintenance agreement. Above standard services we are happy to support our clients in post-implementation period to ensure successful adoption of the solution.

Plan & design

Planning always starts with an interviewing process. We gather your requirements and make on-site visits to explore the location. Our architects then complete system design and prepare all required technical documentation. To ensure that key stakeholders are not lost in technical details we often provide a business-oriented version, which is well perceived by non-technical decision makers.

Launch & roll out

Launch activities include end-to-end testing and user acceptance to ensure that all functions are fully operational as expected. Apart from that we deliver trainings for technical and non-technical people on system operation and maintenance.

Build & implement

Equipment is delivered to your location and our engineers perform installation, set up, configuration and customization as required. We adhere to the highest professional standards while working on-site with focus on safety, tidiness and professional execution.

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